Deepening Into Soul, Deepening into Healing

This is Deep Healing Work - Ancestral, Past Life, Cultural and Present Beliefs, Visions and Work. Transformative Soul Work which aligns beyond Now.

"I have heard it my whole life long - that whisper from the trees, from the land beneath me, from the Beauty which surrounds us. Calling me deeper...  
Asking me to share what I know..."
~ Morag

Bespoke Course, focussed around deep healing, resolving of limiting patterns of belief, and Embedding Love into here and now whilst Visioning the future we are co-creating.
We will be looking at Ancestral Patterning, Heritage, Dreams, Visions & Goals - healing, releasing, embodying Love.
Each Live Session is Bespoke to the Participants, whilst the course notes create a foundation to build upon.  Whether you have done this before, or are returning to it, this is powerful, deep work and has the potential to transform...

The Live Sessions are where the Magic happens - the notes are for further, and ongoing support...

You found your way here...
And that leaves me feeling humbled and so very grateful...
Grateful for your presence on the planet at this time, for the freedom to do the work I do - and humbled by the trust placed in me. I don't always get it 100% right - but I listen to what is asked from me, and respond to that call within me, to honour the Beauty I see around me.  And within YOU.
This work arises out of that.

Starting Thursday, 10th November 2022.
Join the live calls, or log in on your own time to listen and do the exercises.  Please check dates below!
8-10pm UK time for live Zoom calls, recordings shared via YouTube private listing with the group members.  Practical exercises, meditations, and more.  
You will need:
Your willingness to dive deep, a cosy space - blanket and cushions if that works for you, a candle, water, tissues and your journal.

This workshop arises out of a recognition of the importance of the Ancestors in our lives, as well as a call to create that Future we are dreaming of, combined with the awareness that this moment now is where we heal, where we anchor, where we dream and vision.  And where we hold power and transformation within our own hands.    

This moment NOW is where we do our true and deepest healing.  

Healing resolves and releases our past.  Allowing us to honour what we have learnt, and what those who came before Us have passed down to us.  Both the good and the ugly.  The process of healing is not always pretty, soft and smooth.  It can be full of tears and snot - and is beautiful for this, for the power of transformation and the willingness to dive deep and desire to release, transform - and ultimately, SHINE.
Transformative healing allows us the opportunity to release what no longer serves us - the patterns, belief systems or limitations passed down, which simply no longer serve.  As well as the memories of trauma stored in our cellular being.  We may, or may not even be aware of these memories -  And yet, when we dive into our healing process, we give ourselves an opportunity to clear these.  

Connecting with our Future allows us to vision, to dream, to create in our imagination what it is we are journeying towards. It can also allow us to get glimpses of talents, skills, insights or more that we do not yet have.  When we journey into the Future we begin to embed that energy of our Future into our body now.  
And now. This moment now is where the magic happens.   Where we embody all of this healing, and these processes of transformation - and reform the life we are creating.  

Being in the Now, present to THIS moment, we are able to effectively create, and respond to what is unfolding around us and within us...  
This moment NOW is where we integrate the past, dream the future - and it is the choices made now which create...

Using meditation, journaling, journeying, intention and sharing, we create and hold a space to be able to go beyond ourselves as we are now, and into deep layers of healing and transformation.  I'll hold the space, call in the energy - and share the journeying with you...

Sign up below. Or use the Paypal link here & I'll send you the link to the group (which may take 24 hours). Do drop a message in that Paypal link to let me know you've signed up - just in case!  That step isn't automated yet! 

Why Accessible Pricing for A Heart & Soul Centered Practise?

I am called to share what I know - and this work creates the space for me to do this.
You see, I work from my Heart & my Soul. I have a passion for seeing you shine... And... A deep Intuitive awareness and years of study, experience, sharing and teaching. Both within development circles and working with individuals with various healing modalities, flower essences and more...
I am also aware that we are all operating from different perspectives of financial abundance - and I don't wish to limit the work to only those who can afford it... At the same time, I absolutely trust and believe that if we are meant to work together - there will be funds available to support this.

Love in Action basically.

Course Dates:

Thursday 10th November, 17th November, 24th November, 1st December, 8th December, 15th December & Sunday 18th December 2022

Morag Leiper

Who am I, doing this work?

Hiya, I’m Morag. I’m a Dreamer, Writer, Visionary and Optimist graduate. I love to encourage dreams and visions of creating more… Visions of a Positive, Sustainable Future where Soul Shines in the Everyday moments...and where we are all deeply, beautifully Connected to the Earth beneath our feet, the Skies above, and the World around us...  

I may be a Dreamer - but I'm not the only one.  Actively working towards those visions of the Future I hold... Where living from Heart & Soul is the norm... 

I practise Gratitudes near daily, see the good in everything. My Secret Superpowers are finding the Silver Lining and Seeing Beauty. Everywhere!

And I see Soul.  

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    Deepening into Soul, Deepening into Healing - a 7 week Journey of Deeping & Healing, Creating the Future we Vision....

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